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Where does a gas storage field begin and end? For EQT, that's now a legal question
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) A few years ago, Joe Raposky was in the middle of negotiating an oil and gas lease with EQT Corp. when he ran into his friend and neighbor William Mattes. Mr. Mattes had also been approached by EQT, he said, about signing off on gas storage rights.

What gas storage? Mr. Raposky asked.The two men had been aware of the Finleyville gas storage field in the area but both thought it didn't reach their properties. Turns out it was actually below their feet, Mr. Mattes explained. The maps that prove that came from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, he said.

So Mr. Raposky called FERC, and at his next meeting with EQT there were six company representatives ready to bundle his oil and gas lease with an easement that allows gas storage.Except Mr. Raposky wanted more than what was on the table.

"I told [an EQT attorney] I wanted paid for the gas they took," he said. "I want free gas, and I want paid for unjust enrichment and violation of my Fifth Amendment rights and trespass. I read those off to him. And then I said I want these back payments back to 2007."

Divot Diggers space is going fast!
The 21st edition of the popular Divot Diggers golf outing organized by PIOGA's Environmental Committee is set for Thursday, August 23, at Tam O'Shanter Golf Club in Hermitage. However, if you want to play, register today, because space is almost gone and the deadline is fast approaching.
Everyone must sponsor at one of two levels in order to participate in the event. There are also plenty of great prizes and a delicious steak fry dinner afterward. Don't miss out on the fun! Register here no later than this Friday, the 17th.
DEP air monitoring study of Marcellus sites indicate limited impacts
(Penn State Extension) As shale gas development began in earnest in the Commonwealth in 2005, concerns about air quality arose. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection did some short-term air quality studies in the northeast in 2010, but there was a need to address the cumulative impact of air emissions. A long-term, one-year ambient air monitoring study was initiated in July 2012, to determine any chronic or long-term risks to the public from shale gas sources. The study also examined both toxic or hazardous air pollutants (HAP) and criteria pollutants, identified and assessed potential increases in ambient concentrations of criteria pollutants in the region to compare to historical data, and assessed and identified potential implications the results would have in other regions with varying populations and environmental conditions.

Four monitoring sites were set up in Washington County, and one location in Adams County, outside of the natural gas development region. The main monitoring site on Meddings Road, measured pollutants including ozone, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, particulate matter (less than 2.5 micrometers), hydrogen sulfide, select volatile organic toxic and hazardous pollutants, methane, and non-methane hydrocarbons. Data was collected over a one-year period.

Key findings of the long-term ambient air monitoring project found:
  • The Meddings Road main monitoring site did not report values exceeding the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) or indicate any probably future exceedance based on the data pattern.
  • The Meddings Road site had fewer Air Quality Index (AQI) days less than 'Good' than the other four sites.
  • All five sites, including the Adams County site outside of the Marcellus region, had no significant differences in cumulative estimated Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk (ELCR) or cumulative chronic non-cancer Hazard Quotient (HQ), and all were in an acceptable range for risk assessment screening purposes.
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Clubs & Cocktails Networking Event

PGMD Lego – V CNG Station Tour and Optional Lunch

11/8/2018 » 11/9/2018
Marcellus to Manufacturing Conference


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