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DUG East / PIOGA Energy Trivia Night
Thanks to all who turned out for a good time last Thursday at the DUG East kickoff event at All Star Sports Bar & Grill in Canonsburg. Remember, PIOGA members can save $100 off the cost of attending DUG East, June 18-20 in Pittsburgh, by using the promo code Media100 when registering.
Wolf summons army of municipal leaders to show support for his Restore PA plan
(PennLive.com) Governor Tom Wolf is making a full-court press for his Restore Pennsylvania plan to borrow $4.5 billion over the next four years to help pay for a variety of public works projects in communities across the state.
To date, the plan has encountered resistance from business-friendly Republican leaders in the GOP-controlled House and Senate. Opponents object to the plan's reliance on a natural gas severance tax to pay for it and a lack of detail.
Knowing that, Wolf invited an army of more than 70 municipal and county leaders from all over Pennsylvania to a Capitol Rotunda news conference on Wednesday. He brought them to Harrisburg to help make a case to legislative leaders to allow a vote on yet-to-come legislation that implements his Restore Pennsylvania initiative.
In leading off the news conference, Wolf identified some of the ways the money could be used. They included flood control measures in Schuylkill County; ridding Philadelphia schools of lead-based painted ceilings and walls; and installing high-speed internet in rural areas.He said his plan is the "only idea that has come out of this building" to address these community needs.
"I'm calling on the legislators to do what is right for the people of Pennsylvania," Wolf said. Gesturing to the group of local officials standing behind him on the marble staircase, he said, "They are here to say it's time to remember the people of Pennsylvania we all serve."
The Restore Pennsylvania legislation will be offered in both the House and Senate with bipartisan co-sponsors. But getting the Republican leaders in either chamber to run the bill will be a challenge.
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Must read: PA Chamber says Restore PA initiative could threaten Pennsylvania's competitiveness
PIOGA's new look
Our trade organization might be over 100 years old, but we're on the cutting edge as an association and leading Pennsylvania's oil and gas industry, and we wanted our "look" to reflect this new vision and focus for the association.

Over recent past months, PIOGA staff have been "refreshing" our website, public outreach materials, membership packet and creating a new tagline that fully represents who we are as an entity in 2019.

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Supreme Court upholds decision allowing drilling in all districts under a local zoning ordinance as long as they meet standards
(PA Environment Digest Blog) On May 14, the PA Supreme Court denied an appeal of an October 2018 Commonwealth Court decision allowing oil and gas well drilling in all zoning districts in Allegheny Township, Westmoreland County as long as they satisfy standards to protect public health, safety and welfare.
The standards referred to in the local ordinance related to road safety, clearing of brush and trees, emergency planning, dust, noise and lighting controls and security measures. The ordinance also requires compliance with all federal and state permitting requirements.
This case is one of several recent decisions in Commonwealth Court and the PA Supreme Court involving challenges to local zoning ordinances regulating drilling based at least in part on the state's Environmental Rights Amendment.
The zoning ordinance challenged in this case was adopted in 2010 and involved Allegheny Township issuing a zoning permit for a CNX unconventional gas well permit in 2014 for a site in an agricultural-residential use zoning area.
New subcommittee will track and support projects
A new subcommittee is being formed within PIOGA's Market Development Committee that will focus on new projects in the midstream and downstream part of the industry -- pipelines, virtual pipelines, CNG, LNG, gas-to-electric power generation, fractionation, crackers, etc.

The New Projects Subcommittee will concentrate on:
  • Awareness and support of new projects. This will include any "call to action" to show support through letter submission, public testimony, meeting attendance and more.
  • Support and updates for ongoing projects.
  • Opportunities for service companies to gather information as to how they may connect with and offer their services to projects owners/contractors.

The subcommittee, led by Sandy Spencer of Appellation Construction Services and Gene Pietrowski of BlackRock Resources, will meet by conference call on the first Friday of each month at 10 a.m. If interested in participating, email Sandy Spencer. If you're not a member of the Market Development committee already, visit the committee's portal in our Members Only site and click on Request Membership.

The Power of PIOGA: How to add value to your membership
Two years ago, we put together a packet of information that we called "What has PIOGA done for you? What can PIOGA do for you?" The packet was mailed to all members and included information about the many things PIOGA is involved with and how companies can add value to their membership by participating in committees, attending events and other means.

We have just finished updating the packet and have refocused it somewhat as a member-recruitment tool to let companies know about the advantages of PIOGA membership. It's now called "The Power of PIOGA - Influence, Information, Ideas: Why Membership Matters." We still think it's still a must-read for members too. You can find an electronic version here on our website.

We encourage you to share the link with prospective members, or provide us with their name and address and we will be happy to mail them a hard copy.

2019 Ted Cranmer Memorial Golf Outing & Steak Fry

2019 Webinar Training SPCC 101 for Production Operations


Register now for the Ted Cranmer Memorial. One of PIOGA's most popular networking events is coming up on Monday, June 3. It's the Ted Cranmer Memorial Golf Outing and Steak Fry at Wanango Golf Club in Reno, near Oil City. The event is always a great day of fun on one of Northwestern Pennsylvania's finest courses. Or you can come just for the sumptuous dinner at the end of the day. Use the link above to find out more, and get yourself or your foursome signed up today. As always, plenty of sponsorship opportunities are available too.
PIOGA offices closed next Monday. We will be closed on May 27 as the nation commemorates Memorial Day in honor of those who gave their lives defending our nation and our way of live. Look for next week's eWeekly on Tuesday.  
Webinar: Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasures 101 for Production Operations. PIOGA's Environmental Committee is hosting this informative webinar on June 14 featuring Mark Howard of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He will present an overview of SPCC requirements, what to expect during inspections and specific examples of what not to do. While the content will be Pennsylvania-centric, attendees will still benefit from the federal overview.
There is no cost to participate but registration is required. Details are here.

Still available: PIOGA Centennial knives. As part of PIOGA's celebration of 100 years of working together on behalf of Pennsylvania's crude oil and natural gas industry, we  commissioned a commemorative knife from W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. The limited edition, collector quality knife and wooden display box feature PIOGA's 100th Anniversary logo. It's a great collector's piece and also makes a unique gift for coworkers, industry colleagues and petroleum history enthusiasts. Order yours now!