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Allegheny Institute for Public Policy: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is wrong for PA
The following is a Policy Brief issued last week by the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy.
Summary.Governor Tom Wolf has announced plans to have Pennsylvania join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). He wants to use the proceeds from its cap-and-trade program to fund his $4.5 billion "Restore Pennsylvania Infrastructure" initiative. But Wolf 's desire to join RGGI seems to be more about imposing a carbon tax and little to do with actual environmental concerns. A closer look at RGGI reveals that the cooperative is more of a taxing entity and less of the environmental proponent it claims to be.

 The RGGI is the first mandatory "market-based" program in the United States to implement a cap-and-trade regimen aimed at decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Initially 10 states-Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Jersey-joined in January 2009. New Jersey left the cooperative in 2011 but will rejoin in 2020. The RGGI sets the emissions cap for all states within the cooperative.
RGGI rules require fossil-fueled electric power generators with a capacity of 25 megawatts (MW) or greater to buy allowances equal to their carbon dioxide emission caps. RGGI Inc., the group responsible for overseeing the program, determines the cap and each plant must purchase allowances to equal its carbon dioxide emissions over a three-year compliance period. Each state sells the emissions allowances via auctions and is supposed to invest the proceeds in energy efficiency, renewable energy and other consumer-benefit programs. Currently, 165 facilities are governed by RGGI emissions allowance rules.
RGGI has several key features: three-year compliance periods, emission allowances, emissions auctions and cost-containment procedures. Each state is responsible for ensuring compliance. RGGI Inc. has no enforcement powers.
The specific carbon dioxide cap is in place for a three-year period. The goal is to offset price fluctuations caused by short-term market volatility. RGGI distributes 80 percent of allowances at quarterly auctions. Each state is responsible for implementing these auctions.
RGGI mandates a price floor for the emissions allowances. It determines the lowest price that an allowance can be sold for (i.e. in 2008 the price floor was $1.86 per allowance; in 2019 the price floor was $2.26 per allowance). RGGI permits emission allowance banking, allowing facilities to save allowances for future use in order to prevent potential allowance price volatility. Facilities are also able to sell their unused allowances on secondary markets.
However, in 2014 a cost-containment program was established so that reserve allowances can only be sold if the prices exceed the predefined price levels. In effect, the facilities are only able to sell if emission reduction costs are higher than projected. Each year the cost-containment reserve price will increase by 2.5 percent through 2020.
This is anti-market at best.

M2M 2019: Competitive Energy for Sustainable Growth
Organized by PIOGA's Market Development Committee, this year's Marcellus to Manufacturing end-use conference is chock-full of presentations from influential and tactical subject matter experts on energy policy, projects, economics and analytics. The program is intended to open discussions that willassist participants in forming long term strategic energy considerations for their company.
The event takes place on Thursday, November 7, at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh. Additionally, on Wednesday the 6th there will be free educational workshops for conference registrants (more below) and a welcome reception.
M2M is for commercial and financial decision makers and the professionals who support them: energy buyers, project managers, engineers, plant managers, legal professionals, economists, business agents, government affairs experts and business development professionals.
Among the presenters are House Speaker Mike Turzai, who is expected to discuss the Energize PA legislative package and the governor's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; Kevin Sunday of the PA Chamber of Business and Industry talking about navigating the complex and changing policy environment; Denise Brinley, executive director of the Department of Commerce and Economic Development's Office of Energy addressing "Pennsylvania is Open for Business"; Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald on Development at the Pittsburgh International Airport; and many others on topics ranging from the Appalachian Storage and Trading Hub to an energy buyers roundtable to power generation and supply.
Wednesday workshops. Those registered for the conference, also can attend Wednesday afternoon educational workshops on lessons learned from a project converting a marine vessel to LNG; the societal costs of opposing energy infrastructure; partnering to support jobs in energy and advanced manufacturing; and an update by Peoples Gas on natural gas vehicle adoption and combined heat and power projects. A welcome reception will cap off the day.

Be sure to visit the event page for complete details - including sponsorships and a small number of exclusive vendor table opportunities. Seating is limited, so don't put off registering!
PIOGA online Buyers Guide opportunities
PIOGA is pleased to partner again with Strategic Value Media to produce the 2019 edition of the PIOGA Buyers' Guide, the premier resource of relevant products and services for oil and gas professionals. Like the 2018 version, the 2019 edition will feature updated and expanded company and product listings, in addition to other valuable information relating to the oil and gas industry. The Buyers' Guide provides users with an efficient way to browse for goods and services and offers companies exceptional visibility by showcasing their products and services to a targeted, industry-specific buyer group.

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The Power of PIOGA: How to add value to your membership
Two years ago, we put together a packet of information that we called "What has PIOGA done for you? What can PIOGA do for you?" The packet was mailed to all members and included information about the many things PIOGA is involved with and how companies can add value to their membership by participating in committees, attending events and other means.

We have just finished updating the packet and have refocused it somewhat as a member-recruitment tool to let companies know about the advantages of PIOGA membership. It's now called "The Power of PIOGA - Influence, Information, Ideas: Why Membership Matters." We still think it's still a must-read for members too. You can find an electronic version here on our website.

We encourage you to share the link with prospective members, or provide us with their name and address and we will be happy to mail them a hard copy.

PIOGA Ghoulish Gathering

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